Managing HSE&Q

Transoceanic Projects & Development (TPD) aims at delivering the best practice to the customer, every time. We do this by formalizing Business Processes; integrating Health, Environment and Quality in how we work.

At TPD we are working on integrating the HSE&Q Management System into one system.

HSE&Q Commitment

At TPD we are committed to protecting the health and safety of persons involved in, contributing to or affected by our work activities.

Management commitment is essential to achieving HSE&Q excellence, practicing a systematic approach in all our business practices and operations.

TPD ensures that Subcontractors are familiar with our minimum requirements. Everyone who works for or on behalf of TPD is responsible for their safety and the safety of those around them. TPD stresses the importance and expect subcontractors to demonstrate commitment to HSEQ throughout their organization; carrying out their work in a safe and sound manner.

Proactive approach to HSE&Q

TPD demonstrates commitment to by enhancing a proactive and positive oriented culture ensuring our subcontractors are equally committed to HSE&Q. Our HSE&Q Culture is based on bringing no harm to people or property, to act responsibly with respect to our environmental impact and to be the best in what we do, offering excellent quality, governed by formalized processes.

We can always take the time to work safely. Together with our subcontractors we identify impacts and risks arising from our activities enabling us to address, evaluate and act towards reducing and mitigating these risks to a tolerable and acceptable level. Together with our subcontractors we integrate HSE&Q in how we operate.

Inspection & Audits

HSE&Q Performance and systems implemented are monitored, measured
and reviewed to ensure continuing
suitability, maintenance, effectiveness and
continual improvement. This includes the
performance of our subcontractors.

Safety Rules

Everyone who works for or on behalf of TPD is responsible for their safety and the safety of those around them. Safety rules are TPD’s minimum requirements in respect to personal safety and are key controls which workforce must comply with operationally.