Company Profile

Today, Transoceanic Projects & Development Company, Inc., provides a total logistics management package, including international forwarding, vessel and aircraft chartering, export packing and consolidation, inventory management, inland haulage, project transportation management, customhouse brokerage, marine agency services, project development and heavy equipment leasing [in accordance with Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance standards].

In addition to partnering with and serving the world’s leading engineering and construction concerns, we also handle many large and small commercial importers and exporters, primarily in the chemical, steel, wood products and heavy manufacturing sectors.  Our strong traffic expertise, integrated systems capabilities and rigid attention to detail make Transoceanic attractive to both commercial and project shippers. Our strategically located global offices and long-standing partnerships support an international presence that keeps us at the forefront of project development.

Together, they provide us with the capability to handle cargo on a door-to-door basis from all continents to any destination site on a turnkey project basis…with upcoming website tracking and monitoring.

A leader in particularly challenging areas of the globe, Transoceanic Projects & Development Company, Inc., currently leads the development and reconstruction efforts in many conflict zones and unstable regions. With teams of experts in all strategic locations, a dense worldwide network and stringent security measures for our people and cargo, we are uniquely poised to provide a complete range of logistics services while working under the most extreme conditions.

Although many factors have contributed to Transoceanic’s development, the key factor in our growth and success is the quality and dedication of our worldwide employee teams. Each and every one of whom is trained to respond to client requirements with that single most important quality – a sense of team urgency.

Ultimately our team approach to quality management has enabled us to make significant contributions to clients’ logistics programs…and earn Transoceanic the reputation as one of the world’s preeminent project logistics management specialists.


To provide personalized global transportation services through urgent responsive communications by dedicated professionals whose commitment to quality through cost- effective, innovative solutions set the industry standards.


  • Sense of Urgency Promote Team Spirit
  • Dedication to Quality and Innovation Communicate Effectively 
  • Grow Profits Serve the Client, Serve the Client, Serve the Client